"I was not a messiah, but an ordinary man who had become a leader because of extraordinary circumstances."
--Nelson Mandela

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Huh huh huh
Masa and I did the thing


mmore haunted house picture things

reiner wanted to go and bertholdt just was like ‘ok. ill go if you go. i guess…’ annie doesnt want to go at all. she thinks its boring. reiner says he bets the REAL reason is that shes too scared, and she takes this as a challenge and they all go in together

annie is the only one who doesnt scream



脱いだらすごいんだよ | のせ@ついった [pixiv]

» Send me a ‘x’ for my muses reaction to yours biting them.

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» Heichou doesn’t know about the cookies because he can’t reach the top shelf. Pass it on





[ They were not okay man. The Marco was normal Marco all weekend and theN THERE WAS MONDAY. ]

These two killed my soul.